Why Alkemio is implementing Steward ownership


Imagine a business world where long-term vision and social impact are more important than short-term gains. Welcome to Steward ownership!

Purpose over profit

Steward ownership is growing in popularity for socially conscious organizations. The primary focus is on the company’s purpose and ensuring long term viability, rather than on profit for shareholders. Decisions are made by a group of dedicated individuals (stewards!) who are committed to the company’s purpose.

Steward ownership keeps our mission front and center

Alkemio has chosen to step into this progressive arena of Steward ownership. But why? It’s all about securing the company’s independence and our purpose: to empower society to work together effectively on challenges. This guiding principle must remain at the heart of Alkemio, no matter how widely used or valuable the platform becomes. Steward ownership acts as a double safety net, reinforcing the foundation ownership that is already in place and providing an independent guarantee of purpose-focused decision making. It’s like creating a protective shield around our purpose before the platform reaches a broader audience.

Steward ownership makes Alkemio a digital platform you can rely on

But that’s not all! Steward ownership is also a cornerstone for Alkemio’s growth. Why? Because collaboration thrives on trust and we believe that a fully trusted platform can enable so much more collaboration and progress! Alkemio aspires to be your go-to platform for making impact, your trusted partner in orchestrating multi-party change initiatives. Steward ownership is our promise to you – a pledge that we are a digital platform you can trust.

Steward ownership ensures that we remain focused on making a positive impact

There’s a catch, though, but it’s one that keeps us grounded. In the world of Steward ownership, there’s a limit to economic profits. This cap on financial returns is crucial in two ways: it helps us raise the necessary capital for investment by attracting investors who also care about helping society, while allowing them to share in the success of Alkemio. It ensures that all involved in Alkemio are driven primarily by the desire to make a positive societal impact.

Transparency in documentation

We realize it’s a tough call to prioritize purpose over profit in today’s start-up world. There’s a vast network supporting VC-backed start-ups, while purpose-driven start-ups often find themselves in uncharted waters. Our switch to Steward ownership is meant to light the way – it’s about showing that it’s possible to uphold purpose over profit, making it a bit easier for future purpose ventures to follow suit. And we’re committed to transparency: we’ll be sharing all documents, including design trade-offs, related to our transition to Steward ownership.

Purpose can triumph over profit

To sum it up, Steward ownership is a fantastic fit for Alkemio. It not only keeps our mission at the heart of everything we do, even as our platform grows, but it also makes Alkemio a digital platform you can rely on. It ensures that those who contribute to our journey share in our success, and it demonstrates that purpose can indeed triumph over profit. It’s a bold step forward, and we hope it will inspire many more ventures to follow in our footsteps.