Help Ukraine!

Help Ukraine

Our world has changed. The world we had is gone, and we are looking at how we can best react to the new reality.

The suffering and destruction is beyond belief, and heart breaking. We do also see the positiveness in humanity in how many parties are trying to help.

Lots of initiatives are springing up to deal with the situation. People, organziations, governments are all looking to contribute. The challenge is in how to align these contributions effectively.


Helping society work together is literally our mission.

Alkemio is built to align contributions from multiple parties. Working towards a common goal. Collecting the wisdom of the crowd around a topic. Allowing people to connect and contribute to the topics they care about.

Our offer

We are looking to help initiatives responding to the results of the war in Ukraine.

Our offer is to give you a place where you can frame shared goals, manage a community around those goals and together make progress. Surfacing up ideas for being more effective, enriching your shared understanding, working on blockers, connecting to the right skills, new collaborations etc. Making clear what are the different topics being worked, what can be improved and how people can contribute.

To be clear and taking the example of housing: this is not about matching housing offers and needs, but about understanding what are the challenges in addressing the housing needs, ideas for making more housing available, resolving blockers (e.g. legal) around offering housing etc. Making the overall response more effective.

Alkemio will host your Space free, and we will also help you setup your space for the collaboration.

Next steps

Explore the Help Ukraine Space that we have already created for the Dutch speaking community. Sign up for an account. Join the Help Ukraine Space and the sub-topics there you care about.

Want your own Space, either for specific sub-topic or language? Then please either fill out the form below or directly email us.

note: this post has been updated to ensure consistency with the latest terminology.

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