Why is Alkemio a foundation?

Why is Alkemio a foundation?

This is a question we regularly get. And it is fundamental choice.

For some, it is a key reason to support us. Alkemio is about aligning efforts to solve the hard problems that we face. Enabling everyone to connect and contribute, across organizational and national boundaries, on the topics we care about. And we do that by putting the ‘Challenge’ central and not individual or organizational interests.

So why a foundation?

Primarily it is again about alignment. Alkemio has a clear purpose to help society build a better future, and that purpose needs to be guaranteed. Which means interests and governance needs to be transparent and in line with the purpose.

We see what can happen when interests are not aligned. An obvious example is the large tech platforms, the immense power they wield and the impact they have on society. Those platforms are optimized for shareholder interests, not what is best for society as a whole.

Whilst the foundation is not-for-profit, is does need to be sustainable. The roadmap is ambitious. It needs the best and brightest people. It needs to invest to scale. To offer the best possible platform so we can together address the Challenges facing us. This all takes resources.

So how to raise resources to scale whilst guaranteeing the Foundations purpose?

We want to keep it simple. But still find a way to offer the people or organizations that support us the rewards they need. Those rewards could be from helping you to make a massive impact, from offering a return on investment or a combination. This is something we are still exploring – so if you are interested to back Alkemio then please reach out!