Podcast - A Problem Well-Stated Is Half-Solved

Occasionally one comes across podcasts / sources that just capture the “why” of what you are trying to achieve. For us the podcast from the Center of Humane Technology was one of those moments.

In essence unless we can effectively understand and frame the full context of a problem (a Challenge in Alkemio speak), then it is almost impossible to solve. This goes to the heart of what Alkemio is trying to achieve: putting the Challenge central.

The other key message is that unless we learn to collaborate better together (SDG 17), then it will be increasingly difficult to sovle the other UN SDGS (1-16).

The podcast is only 30 minutes long, and is really thought provoking. For us it only reinforces our drive to really enable society to collaborate, so we can build a better future, together.

(for those that want to dive deeper there is also a 2 hour version of the podcast available - also highly recommended.)