Empowering society

The platform to succeed in working on challenges, together

We are open, and invite all who support the principles of this manifesto to join here.

We cannot progress alone

Today, issues such as refugee crises, fake news, online safety and climate change are not being sufficiently solved. Society needs to get much better at addressing such challenges. Across all boundaries.

It is urgent as the pace of change is increasing.

Across all boundaries
Alkemio is for channelling all the effort and ambition around challenges into solutions. Bringing people together, sharing knowledge and ideas, with a clear focus on the opportunities. Using best practices, the community around a challenge works together to identify next steps and make progress.
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Open for all
Everyone can contribute. Making it straightforward to find, follow and directly add value on challenges. You can easily engage, learn from or add to the collective wisdom of the community. Providing an open source platform, to benefit everyone.
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Living community
Building an online community around a challenge. Turning individuals and organizations into co-workers. Spotting the right organizations, capabilities and resources to make progress on solutions in our fast-moving world.
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Empowering society

To succeed in working on challenges, together.

The Alkemio foundation and platform are launched by a purpose-driven team of professionals. By working together with users, partners, businesses, researchers, and citizens we believe that:

  • Every day we can reveal the infinite potential of collaboration. This is the key to success.
  • To achieve systematic change in how we work together on challenges requires inclusion and transparency. Enabled by an independent digital platform to support this way of working together on challenges.
  • Public values should be central. We love tech. But not how it is often used. We do not want digital tools and data to be used to exploit people. They should benefit society.
  • We enable change. We put our energy and capabilities into building a solid open-source platform, best practices and trusted partnerships to innovate, develop, collaborate and make progress together.

Alkemio is empowering society to succeed in working on challenges, together.
We invite all who support this mission to join the Alkemio community!