Taking off with impact investors who…

want to create a better and safer future,

while earning 3x-5x returns from a business backed by powerful trends in society.

Alkemio Group Structure

Sounds like you? Big Tech isn't waiting, let's make this happen together now!
Are we happy with the future of society being driven by profit-maximizing Big Tech?

Especially given the disruptive power of AI, which is increasing every month.

Are governments agile enough to regulate? Is profit maximization going to stop?

What, then, can we do to help shape the future we want for our kids?

We can design technology to benefit society (#EUTech)

Putting society first, not profits.
Using open source, not black boxes.
Enabling greater collaboration, not polarization.
Creating safety and trust!

This is Alkemio

Shareholder Steward-owned, a company designed for trust. Legally aligned with EU societal goals.

Providing safe digital spaces, with control and trust. Where people and AI work together, solving societal challenges.

Introducing Virtual Contributors, created based on trusted bodies of knowledge and using AI. Ready at all times to contribute expertise, do work, and supercharge your output.

Alkemio offers a SaaS platform for change makers. Beachhead markets are the public sector and education in the Netherlands. €170k revenue in 2023.

Aligned with powerful trends in society. Hugely scalable.



Supercharge collaboration

Supercharge collaboration

Enabling SDG 17, the key to making progress on all UN SDGs

To scale Virtual Contributors

To scale Virtual Contributors

Expand AI and Sales teams
Grow team from 17 to 30+
Increase revenue to €1 Million+

Provide inspiration

Provide inspiration

That we can have a safer digital future

A new style of investment opportunity

In line with Alkemio’s choice of Steward-Ownership, some investment features differ from a typical venture capital backed startup. Designed for long-term investors who really care about Alkemio’s purpose.
  • Guided by stewards, not shareholders. Stewards hold and control the voting shares to ensure the business is managed to achieve the purpose.
  • Alkemio’s purpose and independence are legally locked in. An independent 3rd party holds a special share with a veto right on certain decisions such as a sale or change of the purpose of the company.
  • For all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Investor economic returns are capped at levels that provide attractive returns. Excess profits will be used/donated to benefit society. Profit serves purpose.
  • With investor economic returns coming from dividends and/or share repurchase, instead of a sale of the company. Investors may see to sell their shares privately.
  • Simple setup, easy to scale. A single share class for all investors, including founders. The capped returns and steward control mean there are no cap table, valuation, or investor voting rights discussions. So management can focus on scaling a very successful business.
Full details of how Alkemio has implemented Steward Ownership legally, please visit our Alkemio Group structure overview.

The Why and How of the Economic Returns!

The capping of economic returns to all investors and staff helps ensure alignment of all parties with the purpose of benefiting society.

The cap level for early investors starts at 3x-3.5x, depending on timing of investment. From 4 years after the investment date, the outstanding amount payable to an investor will start to accrue at a certain annual rate, such that the effective cap level can increase to 4x-5x.

ExampleYear 1Year 2-4Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8
Investment amount€1,000
Initial dividend entitlement amount€3,000
Dividend amount in each year€0€0€0-€200-€300-€500
Annual increase due to accrual€0€0€210€211€204€184
Outstanding dividend entitlement amount€3,000€3,000€3,210€3,221€3,125€2,809
Effective capped return multiple3.
  • A cap of 3x means an investment of €1,000 will create a dividend entitlement for that investor which starts at €3,000.
  • 4 years after the investment date, the outstanding dividend entitlement amount will accrue at an annual rate of 7%.
  • Each year the outstanding dividend entitlement amount will (a) decrease by dividends received and (b) increase at the accrual rate.

The full mechanism, including issuance of certificates, is described in schedule C of the Alkemio Holding Shareholders Agreement (SHA).

The Purpose Foundation has conducted a great case study on Alkemio, which you can find here.

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“Working together requires trust, in each other but also in the digital platform being used” - City of The Hague

For impact investors

Join us in scaling a business backed by powerful trends in society.

Big Tech isn't waiting, let's make it happen together, now!

Alkemio Group Structure


The above information is shared in the interest of accelerating the wider move to a purpose-based economy. The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment or business advice. Any investment or business decisions made based on this information are at your own risk.