Alkemio Foundation (Stichting Alkemio in Dutch) provides additional information regarding the governance of Alkemio Foundation.

The board members of Alkemio Foundation are the stewards of Alkemio Holding. They are supported by a Board of Advisors.

For additional information on the structure of Alkemio, including steward-ownership, please visit the Structure page.


The stewards are currently the co-founders of Alkemio Foundation. The number of stewards will be expanded as the organization grows.


Neil Smyth

Board Member | Co-founder | CEO / CTO


René Honig

Board Member | Co-founder | Chief Strategy & Innovation

Board of Advisors

Providing feedback and advice to the stewards in the realization of the vision of Alkemio Foundation. Participation in the Board of Advisors is a voluntary role.


Giulietta Marani

Digicampus / ICTU

Program Director


Wouter Welling

Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations

Coordinator Digital Identity


Nadine Roijakkers

Open Universiteit

Professor Open Innovation

Alkemio Foundation oversees the development of the Alkemio platform.

Please visit the Alkemio team page for additional information about the team realizing the Alkemio vision, as well as for open vacancies.