Alkemio Foundation

Established in 2020 with the belief that there must be a better and faster way of working together to make progress!

The trigger was frustration at lack of progress collaborating on COVID-related challenges, but also recognizing the many fast-moving challenges in our lives.

To make society more inclusive, improve energy security, tackle the cost of living crises and the impact of AI on our jobs and education, and many more.

Connect, collaborate and contribute!

Our partners

A digital platform with a difference

where openness, trust and a purpose to benefit society are key values

  • Where anyone who wants to make impact can contribute

  • Aligning efforts to solve what really matters, in an effective and scalable way

Together we can

realize the ambitious vision and make impact

  • Working with a community of partners that share the vision

  • Open and transparent, building together

across silos
Purpose driven to benefit society

anchoring the mission with Steward Ownerhip

  • Ownership structure that legally binds the purpose of Alkemio to benefit society

  • Respect for personal data, algorithms to bring society together, open and transparent ways of working together

Timing is right for alkemio

aligned with powerful trends

  • concern over big tech

  • increased social awareness

  • the need to make progress on hard challenges

Alkemio can help connect and accelerate progress towards a better and fairer society
The right platform at the right time

powerful trends