Alkemio Platform

Why Alkemio

Many Challenges in society and organizations are hard to solve. From refugee crises to climate change to a digitalizing society to community initiatives. People want to engage in effective and meaningful ways - but how?

Alkemio makes it easy to manage Challenges and have contributors, from anywhere, working together on solutions. Challenges take center-stage. Focus is on the destination.

Backed by a foundation to develop the Alkemio platform and community of people, companies, NGOs and public bodies. Purpose driven, with a hugely ambitious agenda.

Connect, collaborate and contribute!

Want to contribute?

As a user you can browse the many journeys underway, choose those that match your interests, and connect

  • This is about you as a person, being part of the solution
  • Enjoy engaging with others on shared Challenges
Want to contribute?
Need help on your journey?

As a Challenge leader you can connect with similar Challenges and find people to contribute

  • Learn from shared experiences and pool resources
  • Locate community members to solve the issues at hand
Need help on your journey?
Identifying and guiding multiple Challenges?

Help your organization identify the right journeys, with clear objectives and the right stakeholders engaged

  • A shared overview of what is being worked on, status, and who is involved
  • Gather the right crew around each Challenge, and help frame the journey
Identifying and guiding multiple Challenges?